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For The Office is a Records Management System. The system enhances accessibility to a massive quantity of information in a meaningful format. Entry of information is integrated with the inquiry of information and all previous contacts with people, vehicles, locations or property are easily retrieved and displayed".

For The Office uses Microsoft Windows "Client" PCs linked an industrial "Server" for warehousing and heavy manipulation of the large volumes of agency information. This configuration provides the user operational benefits associated with "Client" point and click simplicity, drop down validation, context sensitive help, etc. while accessing all agency information with the power of an industrial mid range server. The system additionally supports the "On The Road" field solutions.

Records Personal
Records Personnel enter information regarding Pawned items, Bike Licenses, Career Criminals, Known Offenders, Registrants, Probationers, Wants, Warrants, Premise Information, etc.

Field Personnel
Field Personnel can enter Crime Cases, Information Cases, Bookings, FIs, DUIs, Citations, Suspicious Vehicles, and Parking Cites at the time of obtaining the information (relieving record personnel of entering these documents). This single point of entry seamlessly updates all the related files including unapproved Approved case lists with no duplication of entry by record personnel

Investigations, Crime Analysis, Support Services, Prevention and Management Operations will appreciate the fundamental system design based on the value of easily retrieving, in a comprehendible formation, the information captured. Investigators are provided information for investigating crimes, clearing cases and developing suspects. Analysts may access information to analyze crime trends. Management can retrieve information quickly to be responsive to public inquisitions and assist in making informed management decisions.

Approval Functions
An on-screen list of unapproved cases is available for Supervisors. Supervisor approval is accomplished by reviewing and approving the case on a workstation screen. Once approved, the case is "locked" and cannot be changed (additions and supplements are allowed but must also be approved by a Supervisor). The case is either closed or assigned to investigations and proceeds through the process until final disposition and court tracking.

Booking System
The booking system contains information related to an arrest and subsequent booking, including; arrest suspect, vehicle and location information, outstanding warrants, parent notification, reason for non-release, phone calls attempted or completed, release or non-release information, inventory, health screening, medical screening, narrative and in-custody-cell information for short term holding facilities. The booking record is an official case and is approved similar to a crime case. BCS approved MACR reporting is generated from the Booking System. The Booking system can also transfer data to the Livecan system.

Inquiry Functions
Immediate single keystroke access to documents from the Inquiry mode or by case number in the Review or Entry/Update mode is a standard feature. Inquiries check the entire system regardless of the original document. An "Officer Hazard" or "Warrant" indicator is displayed if associated with the person, vehicle or location of the inquiry.

Printed Reports
Crime cases, D.U.I's, and Booking reports may be printed by entering the case number after review by the Supervisor or by selecting the print option. Property and Evidence Tracking Sheets can be generated with the case and placed with the property entering the evidence system.

A large variety of administrative reports are available. These reports are effortlessly generated from menu options and user field selections. Reports for crime analysis, traffic, suspect identification, and special needs are also easily generated

BCS and MACR reporting is DOJ E-Cars compliant and automatically generates "proof sheets" to support the computer generated submittal to DOJ. The BCS and MACR reports are generated from information obtained during the entry of cases, bookings and Misdemeanor Citations, and do not require additional entry of information by record personnel.