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The following is a sample Crime Case report. This report is 5 pages as it displays a short but complete case with images, sound files, scanned documents and confidentiality requests. Most cases are 1 page for simple cases. Below is a brief discussion regarding the attached case print out.

Page 1 has a sample Agency header and includes 2 victims, one a juvenile and one has 293PC request on file. A 3rd person has been contacted and note that all 3 individuals do not have any "personal confidential" information listed one the first page of the case. [As per 964(b) PC]. Two suspects have been identified and are also listed on the first page.

Page 2 lists 3 pieces of property (Property Bar Code labels could have additionally been printed and the property tracking started) and displays the MO, Investigative, evidence and solvability factors. The bottom of page 2 lists three additional documents that have been scanned as part of the case. (These documents could have been printed with the case).

Page 3 lists attached sound files that could the 911 call or statements taken by the officer at the scene etc. (These can be played when viewing the case) Additionally 3 images are associated with the case. (These can optionally also be printed with the case). The bottom of page indicates write the case should be distributed along with a place for Signatures.

Page 4 displays the confidential information that was suppressed for the 3 individuals included on the first page.

Page 5 contains the person information protected by 293PC.

In addition to the above Crime Case sample images can also be printed in a number of different formats. Below are 2 examples, one with 4 images and the other with 12 images from a sample case. Note the picture print with the Agency name and address, page numbers and a title beneath each picture.