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TracNet Corporation has developed, over the last 15 years, a global solution to significantly enhance Public Safety agency's effectiveness regarding information capturing, accessibility and management. TracNet's combination of public safety expertise combined with business and automation experience blend to provide an innovative solution for public safety organizations. The TracNet series of public safety software products joins state-of-the-art concepts, the latest reliable hardware technology,
and powerful comprehensive integrated public safety software system. The system designed by highly educated and experienced public safety experts possess a fundamental understanding of
law enforcement and public safety needs and concepts.

The TracNet solution starts when a Call For Service (or Officer Initiated Activity) is received and progresses through a comprehensive records management system. The system extends into the field with fully integrated laptop computers providing field data capture and inquiry capabilities.

  1. The system reduces officer keystrokes through the use of: "Mag-stripe" readers customized for California Drivers Licenses and ID Cards.
  2. Historical information which can be copied into current records.
  3. Call For Service information taken from the Dispatch Center which can be copied into Incident Cases.

TracNet systems use client/server technology with "Client" PC's and Laptops configured Microsoft Windows for ease of use. The "Server" is a powerful 64 bit based scalable I Series server selected for the reliability, speed, power and security.

TracNet products offer regional solutions that enable multiple law enforcement agencies to share Alpha, Vehicle, Property and Incident RMS information including Want/Warrant/BOL, Career Criminal, Known Offender, Registrant and Probation/Parolee documents.

Field entry of Crime Cases, Crime Case Supplements, DUIs, FIs, Suspicious Vehicles, Moving Citations and Parking Citations are uploaded to the RMS and automatically processed.
PC Workstations in the agencies provide full access to all of the documents in the RMS and
on-line case approval, case management, analysis reports, printed crime reports, mandated reporting and other RMS features and function.