California Compliance
The system provides following California features:

DOJ E-CARS PLUS electronic reporting including:
• Return A Offenses Known to Police
• Property Stolen By Classification
• Property by Type and Value
• Domestic Violence Reporting
• Senior Citizens Victim of Violent Crime Reporting
• List of Arson Cases
• List of Law Enforcement Officers Killed or Injured
• List of Homicides
• List of Hate Crimes
• List of Anti Reproductive Rights Crimes
• MACR California DOJ Electronic Reporting
• Conformance to PC 964 Confidentiality requirements
• Conformance to PC 293 Suppression of Victims requirements
• Traffic Accident follows CHP555 format
• DUI follows CHP 202 DUI format
• Table driven for State of California 18 statues sections
• Integration into LiveScan

• 11357 Reports for conformance to 11361.5 H&S

Other features
• Auto fills from local Street table
• Auto-fill California City File
• Printing of county Probable Cause Declarations
• Printing of county Pre-Booking and local Property Receipts