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Traffic Collisions

The 555 module is used to document traffic collisions and "Property Damage Only" reports. This module includes a method for collecting "Injured, Witness, Passenger" information. The data collected follows the CHP 555-traffic collision reporting format. When traffic collisions are entered into the system they are automatically added to the list of unapproved traffic collisions. Microsoft Word is integrated and used to document the narrative portion. When the traffic collision is printed
it duplicates the CHP 555 format and can be submitted to SWITRS as printed.

Any evidence collected as part of a traffic collision report can be entered, bar code labels printed and track the property movement.

Under Traffic Collision "Options" the user can have:
• Collision Images added
• Line up created and saved
• Attach audio files of spontaneous statements
• Track any Fees collected.
• Track any Court progress
• Add Officer Notes