Kip Rolle, Ken Rolle, Pat Kelley

The TracNet team has created an impeccable TracNet success record. The project team has been together since inception and are also owners and Corporate Officers. The TracNet Team is completely knowledgeable with TracNet products and all aspects of implementation since we are not a software broker and do not purchases other Law Enforcement vendor software in an attempt to provide a total solution. TracNet employees design and develop all software and provide training, installation and on-going support under the Maintenance Service Agreement. TracNet's requirement that the TracNet Team have prior law enforcement experience has enabled us to obtain our goal of outstanding customer satisfaction and successful automation solutions in every one of our client agencies. Attached are resumes of TracNet employees who comprise the Implementation Team. These individuals provide a unique and powerful combination of knowledge, expertise and experience in the public sector, law enforcement, politics, business, product development, customer support, automation solutions.