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Dispatch Center Operations is designed to track the receipt and dispatching of calls for service and officer initiated activities while providing immediate access to the critical Record Management System information efficiently and effectively. This enhances the Communications Center service
to the community at large and police, fire and EMS department personnel.

Brief overview of features:
Units Available

Units available and their current status are displayed in color and can be selected and sorted by geographic area, dispatcher responsibility (i.e. Police, Fire or EMS) or a combination of both.

Location Information
Location information displays previous activities, Officer Hazard or Hazardous Materials at the location, cross street and Fire Run Card assignments for First, Second and Third alarm.

Call For Service
Call For Service are tracked utilizing a Call For Service screen that captures the information provided by the reporting person. Units may be immediately assigned to the call, and units
assigned are placed into an "Assigned" status displaying the basic call information. If units are
not immediately available, the call is placed in a "Pending" status and units may be assigned as
they are available. Each unit status is constantly displayed.

Officer Initiated Activity
Officer Initiated Activity is tracked similarly to a Call For Service, however the entry of
information is placed in activity specific screens (i.e... Traffic Stop/Suspicious Vehicle/etc.)
and the call is immediately placed into the "Assigned" status. Unit Status Changes (Meals/Reports/Transport/Jail/etc.) are tracked and the display reflects the current status.

Case Number Assignment
Case Number Assignment is provided through the CAD system and initiates the automated case tracking record that tracks the case from the time of number assignment through agency
disposition. This provides ongoing tracking of the case providing electronic monitoring of case completion, investigative assignment, final case status and submission and tracking through
the D.A. filing process.

Inquires or access to the Records Management System is provided through automated inquiries based on the Suspect Name, Vehicle License Number or activity location logged in the "Call For Service" screen. Inquires provide a listing of all previous contacts of the person, vehicle or
location, with the "automated file cabinet" selection feature providing immediate access to the
source document.

Information Case/Incident Case
Dispatchers, Officers, Fire Officials or any other agency personnel can create "Information Cases"
or "Fire Incident Cases". The "Call For Service" information is electronically copied into the "Information Case" or "Fire Incident Case" eliminating the need to re-enter the Call For Service information. A short narrative and inclusion of involved parties, property, vehicles and the
Location may be included and are maintained in the Records Management System similar to a regular Crime Case.

Management Reports
A variety of management reports are available to provide specific minute by minute information
on calls for service and officer activities, and summary reports indicating time utilization for
specific activities.