Pre-Booking Information
Booking information obtained during Pre-Booking includes.
• Inmate identity
• Arrest Charges
• Health Questionnaire
• Non-Release

Inmate Information
Inmate background information recorded through intuitive entry screens.
• Next of Kin/Employer
• Property
• Pre-Classification
• Medical
• Charges/Warrants
• Classification
• Housing
• Photo
• Scars/Marks/Tattoos
• Mugshot

Inmate Activity
Each inmate’s history, from initial booking through release is recorded in easy-to-use
entry screens including:
• Scheduled Events
• Visitors
• Notes
• Incidents
• Movement Log

Transfer of inmates from one facility to another, release schedules, court hearings, and bail
can be appropriately documented. Computation of sentences is automatically accomplished.
• Schedules
• Interrupt
• Inmate Transfers
• Release

Used to facilitate the user comfort and ease of data entry.
• Easy to locate Inmates records
• View all Visitors
• Create or review facility events
• Real time monitoring of Inmates
• Move groups of inmates
• Cell Checks
• Create or review Officer Log
• Easy Inquiry of past bookings and visitors
• Incident Approval

Drop-Down Menus
Allow easy access to:
• Employees “On Duty”
• Inmate Tank sheets
• Previous or current Visitors
• Facility events and cell checks
• Locate Employees with Special Skills
• Multiple Facility capability
• Transportation lists
    Booking by date for:
        • Daily Booking report
        • Press Release report
        • Bail Bond report
        CDC Report
        • DA Book and Release
        • Court Arraignments
        • On Line Incident Approvals

Database menus and validation tables can be changed by the user to fit agency-specific needs.
• Cell Tables
• Employees
• ID Numbers
• Incident Templates
• Inmate Records
• Manual Timers
• Property Box Table
• Reports for Social Security
• Reports for Social Services
• Security
• Validation Table
• VINES Interface
• Violation Code