User Group Lunch
The user group lunch, hosted by TracNet, held at Jacks restraunt in Monterey.

Liz (Delano PD) and Marsha (Dinuba PD)

Tom (Pacific Grove PD), Silvia (Pacific Grove PD),and Ester (Carmel PD)

Byron (Mariposa County), Phil (El Dorado County), Jeff (Carmel), Aaron (Placerville PD)

Laurie (Monterey PD), Naomi (Gonzales PD), Peter (Gonzales PD)

Eddie and family (Delano PD)

Ysela (Greenfield PD), Kathy (Monterey County), Paul (Cal State Monterey Bay)

Tyna, Richard and wife (Atwater PD)

Sally (Fort Bragg PD), Syndi (El Dorado County), Debbie (Fort Bragg PD)

Dianna (Santa Paula PD), Ken (Santa Paula PD)

Eva (Hollister PD), Patty (Soledad PD), Maria (Soledad), Naomi (San Jose State University) Melody (Tulare PD)