California Customers
TracNet’s goal is to provide California Law Enforcement with successful, effective and affordable automation solutions and service. We feel we have succeeded in solving the notorious and numerous "failed law enforcement automation project" problem that the expensive consultants and time intensive detailed RFP processes could not solve.

The first step to successful automation is to talk to fellow law enforcement personnel (without a sales person around) and find a system that works reliably, is supported by a company that provides ongoing support and training, and ascertain if the product meets the needs and is accepted by various divisions in other law enforcement agencies. We provide a complete list of all of our client agencies, their comments the components of the TracNet Suite of products they use.

We, at TracNet, take great pride in our relationships with our partners in Law Enforcement. We come from law enforcement and are active with the California Law Enforcement community.

  Atwater Gonzales Pacific Grove
  Carmel Greenfield Sand City
  Delano Hollister Santa Paula
  Dinuba Marina Soledad
  El Dorado County Mariposa County Tulare
  Fort Bragg Placerville Cal State Univ Monterey Bay Police
  Seaside Huron Monterey Police