Fort Bragg Police Dept.

250 Cypress Street

Fort Bragg, CA 95437


Fort Bragg Police Department has been associated with TracNet since 1987. We originally started with their records data files, crime and incident case systems, booking system, and CAD system.  Since then we have added other systems, including traffic collision reports.  We have recently gone to a wireless system allowing our officers to type and immediately enter their cases and other data, as well as get up-to-date inquiries to and from their patrol vehicles, utilizing laptop computers.

TracNet has made many improvements to their systems saving both officers and staff many hours in data entry and retrieval.  They have always been available for consultation, and in emergencies, can always be reached.  Most of the problems that we have encountered have been quickly fixed over the telephone.  On those infrequent occasions which required a person to respond to our department that has always occurred in a very timely manner.

I have seen other systems come and go that law enforcement agencies have utilized.  For the past 13+ years, our department has been very happy with the TracNet product, service and personnel.  I would highly recommend it other agencies considering a new Law Enforcement Data Records System.


Scott Mayberry

Chief of Police

707-961-2808 x 105

Sally Provencher

Records Supervisor

707-961-2800 x 101
Population: 8,000, Employees:24, TracNet Implemented: 1987

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