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The Atwater Police Department has a long standing partnership with "Tracnet"
since 1988.  Our department is currently using the Records Management
System/Computer Aided Dispatch/Property and Evidence Management System.
Since 2004 our Officers have been accessing our RMS system from computers in
their vehicles, this access allows the officers to write reports, access RMS
information, generally what the officer can do in the office he can do in
the patrol vehicle.  The officers also have access to CAD in their vehicles
which has increased the efficiency for the Communications Bureau as well of
the Patrol Bureau.  The system since the beginning has worked without
problems since the initial start-up.  The individuals of this company care
about their product and their clients.  If you have problems you can contact
them at any time, if they can't resolve the issues from their office, they
will drive to your site to do so.  The company is very customer service
oriented and they provide and outstanding product.  I would recommend that
you contact them and have them show you what they can do for your agency.
If you want to talk with me please call or e-mail my contact information is

Richard S. Hawthorne (Retired)

Chief of Police

Atwater Police Department


TracNet Modules deployed: Records with Imaging, Bar Coding and CAD with a 911 Interface along with Patrol car with GPRS.


Tyna Lamison Executive Assistant 209-357-6282
W. Novetzke Corporal 209-357-6396
Juan Sufuentes Officer 209-357-6396

Population: 24,000, Employees:32, TracNet Implemented: 1989