Sand City Police Department

1 Sylvan Park

Sand City, CA 93955


I am the Chief of a small police department and had to create an up to date records management system.  To that end I tasked my staff to do an extensive investigation into a variety of records management systems. My staff spent about one and one half years; they narrowed down the systems to three.  In doing site surveys visiting many police departments my staff recommended TRACNET.  TracNet’s staff came into my department trained all the officers and supplied the back up service to enable my police staff the ability to learn the system although some of my officers were slow learners, TRACNET staff provided the extra without the extra cost to bring even the slowest of learners up to speed.  I found there willingness to provide this support service was excellent and was one of the big reasons I chose the company.

The hardware and soft ware provides an outstanding delivery of information that is easy to understand, research, collate, and is tailored to be unique to Sand City Police Department's needs.  Having been with the system for almost one year I am not disappointed in our selection of this system.  I would highly recommend this system to any police department not only for their hard ware and software but also especially for their back up service.

Regards Michael Klein, Chief of Police


J. Michael Klein


831-394-1451 x 18

Nancy Fletcher

831-394-1451 x 11


Population: 10,000, Employees:8, TracNet Implemented: 2001